Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Weird, Weird Times

P*lyamorists now have a political coalition:

A group of self-identified [Google-deceiving description removed -kjj] activists, scholars, educators, writers, artists, lawyers, journalists, and community organizers" has released a statement explicitly endorsing "committed, loving households in which there is more than one conjugal partner." Got that? More than one conjugal partner.

The people putting out this statement are not fringe figures. The more than 300 signatories include feminist icon Gloria Steinem, NYU sociologist Judith Stacey, Columbia University anthropologist Elizabeth Povinelli, Georgetown law professors Robin West and Chai Feldblum, the Rev. Cecil Charles Prescod of Love Makes a Family Inc., Yale law professor Kenji Yoshino, Princeton religion professor Cornel West, writer Barbara Ehrenreich, and Pat Clark, former executive director of the Fellowship of Reconciliation.
Robert P. George

"Fringe Figures" is a relative term. I don't know if there is even such a thing as "mainstream academia." Absurdistan, thou art US.

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