Monday, August 28, 2006

Catholic Wimps Dueling for Colorado's Governorship

For the "politics is the art of being compromised" file:
I have sniped at Bill Ritter before, now Bob Beauprez proves underimpressive, apparently bending over for homosexual "civil unions." Though he now claims to have been misrepresented, his servile proclamations of virtue and tolerance still annoy:
I don't pretend to understand the homosexuality thing. And plainly I don't have a huge problem with it. I've hired, at my [bank], there's been a number of gays, lesbians. I didn't know when I hired them. I mean, how do you know? You find out afterward. To the person, they've been great employees. Wonderful employees.

And again:
I've given three eulogies in my life: my dad, my mother in law, and a dear friend of mine who happened to be gay and happened to die of HIV-AIDs. A very good friend of mine. I'm gonna leave that whole thing to a bigger judge than me.

One wonders if Beauprez was so terminally non-judgemental he was complicit in his friend's slow suicide.

Neither candidate is particularly impressive. Ritter is using his three years as a Catholic missionary to mask his indifference to the unwanted unborn. He's even been endorsed by a local priest, whose name I am unable to remember.

Beauprez, a former parish youth group leader, seems too go-along-get-along to realize he's a useful idiot for the progressive set's demonization of any significant disapproval of gay activism. He's an accomplice in shifting the boundaries of acceptable discourse.

So we have one Catholic well down the road of complicity, and another a half-mile or so behind. Not voting is looking better all the time, though I'll probably be guilt-tripped to the ballot box by election time.

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