Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Orianna Fallaci in need of Correction?

What is happening, part of which has driven Ms Fallaci into uncontrollable rage, is the result not of a Muslim conspiracy but of a strategy developed by the old native enemies of the European model. The multicultural and politically correct tribe, overwhelmingly composed of atheists, is using the growing Muslim communities in Europe as a new weapon with which to pursue its old war against the European system.

Without realising it, Fallaci demonstrates this point convincingly.

She shows that in every case involving Muslims doing something that Europeans might not like, the multicultural and politically correct elite played the leading role. For example, Fallaci is enraged that so many mosques are built in localities long associated with Christianity in Italy. However, she fails to mention that in none of the cases she enumerates Muslims were in a position to impose a decision. The building permits for the mosques were always issued by left-wing mayors and municipalities dominated by atheists who wished to settle scores with the Catholic Church by using Muslims as an excuse. In some cases, as that involving the building of a huge mosque and Islamic centre in a beauty spot in northern Italy, there was no demand from the local Muslim community which numbered only 33 individuals. It was the left-wing mayor who, motivated by his hatred of the Catholic Church, wanted the new project. Fallaci is especially angry about a mosque built in Rome supposedly to dilute the city's association with Catholicism. Once again, she fails to remind the reader that it was Rome's Communist-dominated municipality that authorised the mosque in the context of an old feud with the Vatican.
-Amir Taheri, reviewing Fallaci's The Force of Reason

I am glad that, even if Italian anticlericals really are promoting Islam, they are doing so quite inefficiently.

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