Friday, August 18, 2006

African Activist: Euro-American AIDS Advocacy is Self-Perpetuating Industry

One Martin Sempa speaks:

But worse than this, he says, they have become a vehicle for an inhuman leftist ideology under the guise of multi-million dollar philanthropy, a vehicle for a Hollywood-style celebrity cult and brazen anti-American political machine.

"Most of these guys don't care about stopping HIV/AIDS but just about managing the disease, keeping it going so they can continue to profit," Sempa said.

"It's a multi-billion dollar industry," he said. "Pharmaceuticals, condoms, counsellors, distributors, advertising executives, grants for fake human rights groups and celebrity status. If you have AIDS you can be a star if you promote their agenda. It's become a disease of opportunity. If AIDS stopped today there would be millions of people who would stop getting an income."

via Relapsed Catholic

Reading about this fashion show at the Toronto AIDS Conference, one finds it hard to disagree.

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