Saturday, August 19, 2006

Virginal Activism at Colorado Universities

News from the Alma Mater Adflicta:

Jonathan Butler, a 19-year-old Catholic student at the University of Colorado at Boulder is with them as well. Known to many as the "People's Republic of Boulder," the University of Colorado is the last place on earth you would expect to find "right-wing-fanatics" promoting chastity -- especially if they are male. That didn't stop Jonathan and his three friends from founding the College Coalition for Relationship Education. Such an innocuous title is understandable when you consider the ire liberals have for such groups promoting chastity. The organization currently has fifteen members and half are men.

There are similar clubs at the University of Northern Colorado and Colorado State University. Jonathan hopes to have help, after he graduates, from fellow students in taking this message to the younger crowds. "I would like to see members of my college," he said, "visiting grade schools to teach them [about the abstinence message] also."
Virgin is Not a Dirty Word

The organization's website says it is currently being re-evaluated. Not as good a sign as a full schedule of events, but its presence is still to be lauded.

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