Saturday, August 12, 2006

City of Arvada--St. Anne's Sign Lease, "City is a Slave to Church!"

In yet another follow-up to the eminent domain dispute between a local Catholic parish and the city, Mile Hi News reports:
Major points of the deal include a 15-year lease, an option to renew for another 15-year period and $1,200 monthly payments for the first 15 years รข€” which adds up to $14,400 annually.

Other terms include $4,000 to $6,000 in annual maintenance costs and as much as $700,000 in capital construction on the site, according to the city report

My councilman did not acquit himself well:
Councilman John Malito said he would support it because there is no other choice, but he was disappointed in the church and said the church should have sold the land to the city.

"The city is really being a slave to the church," Malito said. "We need a parking lot, and it's the only game in town."

Yeah, sure. All dose catholick massas shore are keepin' po' Arvada in de chains.

The local Evangelical megachurch Faith Bible Chapel can get approval for a pedestrian walkway over a multiple-lane state highway for its church and school, but when the oldest Catholic parish and school in the city wants to hang on to its legacy, they're slavedrivers.

No vote for you, Mr. Malito.

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