Friday, August 11, 2006

Prig of the Month

Dumb Story of the Week: Controversy over Rockstar Games' "Bully", on which game creator Terry Donovan remarks:
"History is littered with forms of expression that have been considered 'controversial,' only to be welcomed into the fabric of society as valuable creative expression a few years later."

What a self-aggrandizing boast! History is also littered with crap considered controversial then justly forgotten months later.

Bertin likens the Bully debate to what happened to James Joyce's Ulysses. The book, now considered the foundation of the modern novel, was banned because of its sexual content.

"Ulysses was targeted because it had sex in it ... it wasn't targeted because it was a great piece of literature," she said. "These (video games) are things not being assessed by their content or value; they are being assessed by the topics."

Anybody who compares a video game to James Joyce is a name-dropper with no sense of proportion. I myself tend to doubt the salutary nature of Ulysses. Joyce precipitated the academic captivity of literature and amplified the woeful obsequiousness shown to anyone with artistic pretensions and talent only for obfuscation.

The article also voices some concern about the "demonization of youth culture." Cry me a river. Youth culture is rightly demonized because it is a creation of the corporate world, appealing only to the lowest common denominator and hindering kids from growing up responsibly. It is a corrosive acid upon any culture worthy of the name.

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