Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Denver-area pro-lifers, take note

The 2013 Denver March for Life will take place Sunday, Jan. 20 outside the capitol building.

Mass begins at the cathedral at 10:30, while speeches begin at the capitol at 12:30.

Good things are happening in Denver, whether it is the Lighthouse Women's Center helping pregnant women in need or the Regis University Students for Life conference for college and high school students, held in October.

This blog has declined in part because I've found more productive uses for my time.

Thanks to my friends in the Knights of Columbus, I've helped that Regis University group raise funds to go to the March for Life in Washington, D.C. in hopes that they'll become a strong pro-life presence at Regis. Students for Life of America is hoping to expand into Colorado, with a field agent dedicated to organizing pro-life student groups.

In July the Knights of Columbus raised funds for Mary's Maternity of Motherhood Home, a maternity home in Arvada. Just a bit of extra e-mailing and word-of-mouth advertising on Facebook helped draw 20 more attendees at $20 per ticket.

There are so many small organizations whose leadership has done pioneering work, but they just don't have the skills for a social media world or a few thousand dollars to seed their future growth. If you're good at blogging or rallying friends on Facebook, or if you have connections with a broad network of charitable organizations, consider yourself a volunteer.