Wednesday, August 23, 2006

P. Hitchens on Hillary Clinton-Types

What kind of woman is most likely to become an MP? Well, given that politics is now a career, with promotion, fat salaries, lovely perks and big pensions for those who climb the greasy pole, the most likely sort to pursue this job will be the careerist woman.

You know the type -- the school of Cherie Blair and Nicola Horlick, who do not go out to work because they desperately need the money, but because they believe that work outside the home is the key to feminine fulfillment.

Well, it's my view that this opinion is very thoroughly represented already, among men and women in politics, the civil service, the quangoes and the education system --not to mention the media. . And it's also my view that a career woman MP will by her nature be actively unsympathetic to a woman who thinks it better to stay at home and look after her children.

After all, there's a deep conflict here. If the state supports subsidised nurseries for the wageslave or careerist woman, the higher taxes will fall on the single-income homes where mothers stay at home รข€“ homes already under pressure because they have only one salary, and which will not benefit at all from these subsidies.
-Peter Hitchens

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