Wednesday, February 01, 2006

A Strange and Foreign Song

Courtesy of Rhapsody Radio, I have happened across a song that appears to be in English. Its dialect is recognizably American, but its accompanying music has not been heard outside of Branson or Lawrence Welk.

Behold the lyrics:

Perry, it's such a beautiful night,
let's take a ride? ~ Nah!
Well how about a walk thru the park? ~ No!
Would you like soda? ~ Nah!
Well, what would you like to do?

I wanna go home, with you! ~ Oh!
I wanna go home with you!

Yep, don't so many songs end up that way? Two singers in bed together. Prelude to a lusty romp, and all that.

Wait a minute! It continues:

I wanna meet the family,
I'm sure that they'll approve of me
I wanna go home, with you! ~ you do?
an' nobody else will do!
Kissing goodnight at your front door
makes me love you more an' more
I wanna go home with you!

-Perry Como, I Wanna Go Home With You Tonight

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