Thursday, February 16, 2006

Fun with the Daily Kos Wiki

Reading some public Wikis is like being sent back to college where you have to read your fellow students' cringe-inducing papers. The dKos Wiki is one such example.

From it we "learn" about Leo Strauss:

Strauss rejected or dismissed empirical social science and its findings in large part because he was had not been trained to employ and was therefore unable to make contributions to political science using the scientific method and statistical analysis. Like many scholars trained exclusively in the humanities, he was intellectually trapped in making claims for truth solely on the basis of the close reading of text and intuition. His rejection of the fact-value distinction served as cover for this disability.

So much for lefty empathy for the disabled.

We also learn that Michael Novak was the source for the Valerie Plame leaks.

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