Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Remember New Orleans?

I don't, really. So I follow a few internet acquaintances local to the area to see what their take on things is.

Some news outlets are reporting that the lights are coming back on in the Crescent City, often no thanks to the electric companies or the government.

But one of the locals I read tells of the downside, writing on an internet forum:

Folks have no idea how extraordinary. But I get tired of repeating it.

I think it dangerous in the extreme to reconnect power lines absent a professional evaluation even in neighborhoods ostensibly cleared for powering up ... as opposed to the miles and miles and miles and miles and miles and miles and miles and miles and miles of neighborhoods still standing in the dark.

I'm certain that the neighbors of Romulus's parents went through the proper channels. (It's that kind of neighborhood.) Yet the day after they powered back up, their house burnt to the ground. It was only the stucco exterior of his parents' house (still uninhabitable thanks to flooding) which saved it.

Three big beautiful houses burned to the ground a few blocks from me this week. All three might have been saved ... if we had any water pressure. It's very sad to watch firemen watch a blaze they can't do a damn thing about.

It's worse down here than you realize.


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