Thursday, February 23, 2006

Devaluing Freedom, One Insult at a Time

In one corner we have the moronic secularists that insist that freedom of speech cannot exist unless they are allowed to freely, repeatedly and frequently say, write or draw the most vile, obscene, vulgar and insulting things their perverted minds can come up with. The logic of reasoned restraint is lost on them. In their twisted minds the right to provoke must be absolute or freedom means nothing. It's sort of like the kids whose given an expensive gift, and promptly breaks it. They can't grasp the idea that freedom abused is not really all that valuable and in the end, not really worth saving.
Danny Carlton

This is another way freedom of speech is diminished, without any governmental involvement whatsoever. Sophomoric journalists honking about threats to the First Amendment are just another gaggle of boys crying wolf. How fortunate for them that the real wolves are dining on innocents thousands of miles away.

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