Sunday, February 12, 2006

Amnesiac Anarchists in the Evangelical Churches

Rev. Gassalaca Jape, SJ writes on the pastor of the Denver megachurch "The Next Level" Dave Terpstra and his abysmal ecclessiology:

Evangelicals with Terpstra’s kind of ecclesiological blank-slate strike me as having acquired an anarchic ecclesiology by default, without even knowing it, or without appreciating the risks and negative consequences. They are in the position of a married man, legally separated from his wife, who has fallen victim to amnesia. He cannot recall ever having been married. From his own standpoint, this man’s marital problems are “solved.” He has no immediate or pressing difficulty with the woman who was his wife because he does not know her. From the standpoint of the wife and others, the man’s situation is tragic and perverse.

The post of "Father Jape" also contains some intriguing words from Eric Voegelin linking Lockean Christianity both to contemporary American Evangelicalism and to Romanticism.

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