Saturday, February 18, 2006

A Post In Which The Author Harrasses Pornmongers

While attending the excellent National Catholic Singles' Conference at a local Embassy Suites hotel, I was unfortunate enough to turn on the television in my room. The default hotel promotional channel came up first, and I caught the tail-end of a recorded message which was pimping pornography to hotel guests. I suggested that the male participants make a small protest to the desk clerk upon checkout. I can't say how many did so, but here's my written follow-up to my complaint:

To Whom It May Concern,

I was recently a guest at your hotel on Hampden in Denver, Colorado for a conference, and in almost all respects your service was commendable.

However, I was quite annoyed to turn on my television and find myself seeing a commercial for pornography, sponsored by your hotel. Now in this age of mass e-mail, it is rather difficult to escape pornographic spam. Yet at your hotel, such salacious advertising disturbed what was supposed to be a relaxing escape from the world. Its presence also raised unfortunate anxieties about certain bodily fluids and their presence in the hotel room.

Worse, pimping such material makes your chain reasonably comparable to a brothel. Had one of your on-site employees propositioned a guest, you would have likely faced a police officer and unwanted media attention. But your porn service is not significantly distinguishable from such an indecent situation. Your own advertisment acknowledged the shamefulness of the material, assuring potential customers that their porn would not be charged to their hotel bill(no doubt to have wives and employers left in the dark).

It is incredibly sad and degrading that your business sees fit to hawk the modesty of women and men to lonely or lustful guests. Whatever can be said of your hotel chain, sad to say, one cannot call it "family-friendly."

Considering Embassy Suites' membership in the Hilton corporation, one wonders whether that poor woman Paris Hilton is herself a marketing tool for her family's company.

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