Saturday, September 23, 2006

Stupid Blurbs: A New Guerilla Marketing Technique?

This is a portion of one sad advertisement from the BlogAds network for the philistine atheist Sam Harris' book Letter to a Christian Nation. It quotes one Jaeger on Myspace: "it's a big middle finger from Sam Harris...."

The full quote is found on the book's Myspace page and reads "I just got the book and it is great... Its a big middle finger from Sam Harris to the idiotic christians (and all other religions)"

(Adding that apostrophe to his blurb sure was a nice editorial touch.)

Bad punctuation, village atheism, references to obscene gestures, MySpace user... need we mention that Jaeger is eighteen years old?

Sure, it's in bad taste to pick on young kids, but it's even more tasteless to quote a kid to advertise a non-fiction book advocating a "mature" belief system.

These blurbs are suspiciously tasty blogfodder. Relapsed Catholic noted another stupid Harris blurb ripe for ridicule. Were I more confident in the marketing savvy of the publishing industry, I'd suspect I was being used.

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