Thursday, September 14, 2006

Feminist Pod Person Possesses Republican Candidate

On his website George Allen, Virginia Republican, blasts Marine opponent James Webb for Opposing Feminist Military Policy. Allen's campaign provides Webb some free publicity for his excellent, substantive essay Why Women Can't Fight, though it's missing page 147.

Has Rush stopped blasting "Feminazis"? Though on occasion pundits cry "sexism" against liberals and the left simply as a petty anti-hypocrisy debating tactic, putative conservatives have generally absorbed feminist critiques of a sexist society. Allen is following a party tradition: the GOP itself, historically having a sizable feminist contingent, has generated some of this numbskull feminism otherwise associated with the Dems. The Democrats, at one time the party of Southerners and traditionalist ethnics, once resisted this feminism with more or less vigor until the McGovernite takeover ended their influence for good--or rather, for the worse.

James Webb shows himself to be a throwback on this issue, and I hope he maintains the stands taken in his excellent essay. With a fool's hope, I hope he'll become even more of a throwback on the other issues where he now follows the McGovernite faction's party line.

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