Tuesday, September 19, 2006

More on Chancellor Maier's Christian-Islam Relations Talk

Denver Catholic Register follows up on the story. No word of kooky Old Man's Q&A exploits, with good reason. I suspect he's more flattered to have been left out than to have been included.

The story's page includes news of several newly scheduled lectures for the Fall, including Robert Royal and Communio's M. Jean Duchesne. Prof. John Cavadini of Notre Dame and J. Bottum of First Things are scheduled for this Winter or Spring. I'm a bit annoyed at the so-called "neoconservative" bent of Royal and Bottum, not to mention a few boneheaded First Things editorial decisions by Bottum, but I'm also pretty excited that they'll be in town.

The lecturer quality seems to have gone up a notch over those of years past. The Archbishop's lectures, combined with the promising series on the Auraria campus, will certainly provide me plenty of cogitations and blogfodder. Which reminds me, I haven't replied to the Archbishop's fundraising appeal yet.

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