Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Marriage as a Social Justice Issue

I normally skim the Knights of Columbus magazine Columbia, finding little that retains my attention. But in the latest issue Supreme Knight Carl Anderson has produced a gem:

Marriage and family is the privileged place in which Trinitarian love and communion is inscribed within the very structure of creation. Marriage and family witness to the love and communion which is the true goal of every community and every society. The model of Trinitarian communion within the family points to the possibility of similar communion within every community and every society. If every person is called to a vocation of love, then the only civilization worthy of the dignity of every person is a civilization of love.


In this vision, the family becomes the "basic cell" of a new society. The vocation to love begins within the family, but it should not end there. It must radiate throughout all of society. And as it does so, it helps build what our Holy Father calls a new "civilization of love."�

This is why there is such an important connection between the Church's teaching on marriage and one's social responsibility to work for justice and charity.
The Family and the Common Good

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