Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Internet Lefty Demographics

via Josh Trevino of Enchiridion Militis, statistics on the religious adherence, or lack thereof, of visitors and other demographic breakdowns.

The age breakdown is strikingly skewed towards the older set:

Persons: 18-34 20.7
Persons: 35-44 17.5
Persons: 45-54 27.7
Persons: 55-64 12.2
Persons: 65+ 21.9

Several commentators have suggested that the pre-boomer generation born in the decade before 1945 laid the roots for the counterculture of the sixties. Though one must keep in mind that retirees as a whole have more time for everything, these results indicate the thesis is not far off.

The income breakdown is even more astounding:

Under $25K 2.8
$25,000 - 39,999 9.4
$40,000 - 59,999 20.4
$60,000 - 74,999 7.9
$75K+ 59.4

The only unsurprising results are the regional breakdowns, which follow the famed red-blue state divide. I'd like to see a similar poll of a big-name conservative site for comparison.

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