Monday, July 17, 2006

Immigrants Doing the Tax Fraud Work Natives Won't Do

Well, there goes another debating point:

Miguel Garcia was making a name for himself in radio as the afternoon on-air personality at a Hammond, Ind., station in March when he opened a shocking letter from the IRS.

It said he owed $35,000 in back taxes. Three days later, he got another letter from the IRS saying he owed an additional $45,000. A third letter arrived saying he owed $95,000, and more followed nearly every other day for a total of about 30 letters, putting him on the hook for close to half a million dollars in back taxes -- and the letters keep coming.


legal immigrants, naturalized citizens and U.S.-born residents with common ethnic names increasingly targeted by illegal immigrants who resort to stealing plausible identities so they can find jobs to pursue the American dream, causing those who came before them mounting headaches.
Chicago Sun-Times, FR Mirror

"Even though the Social Security Administration offers two free major database tools for employers and third-party submitters, like payroll services, to verify names and Social Security numbers for annual wage reports, there is no incentive for employers looking to exploit cheap labor to use those tools and no real mechanism for enforcement."

While there is no incentive to use those tools for enforcement, there is a huge incentive for employers to use such systems to provide fraudulent numbers for their illegal employees! At least our native tax fraud industry isn't being outsourced.

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