Sunday, July 09, 2006

Arvada Eminent Domain Conflict Resolved--Permanently?

This letter was distributed at St. Anne's Parish on Sunday:

Representatives from the Parish, the Archdiocese, and City Officials have been working hard to reach an agreement on the Library Parking Lot. While the final lease has not been signed, we have agreed on a letter of intent. The terms of the letter have been authorized by the Parish Pastoral Council and the Finance Committee. We have been assured that the City Council will not pass the ordinance to condemn our property at their meeting Monday night, July 10. At this time it will not be necessary to write any more letters to the City Council nor to attend the City Council meeting. I would like to acknowledge the good faith and cooperation of the City Officials. And I would like to thank the parishoners for their letters and their willingness to appear at the Council Meeting.

Father David Croak
July 8, 2006

I know county commissioners were very nonplussed at the talk of eminent domain seizure. Likewise perturbed was the leadership of the county library system, which feared it would be blamed for the actions of the Arvada City Council. The city council put the nuclear option of confiscation on the table. Perhaps this was merely a negotiating tactic driven by desperation. However, such a grave threat won't be easily forgotten. As Shakespeare's Isabella said, "it is excellent to have a giant's strength; but it is tyrannous to use it like a giant."

Thanks to the many readers sent here by Amy Welborn, Domenico Bettinelli, and the Pacific Legal Foundation's Eminent Domain Blog

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