Thursday, July 06, 2006

In Defense of Mayor Nagin

New Orleans resident "Romulus" defends his mayor from those suffering delusions of omnicompetence:

Amelia, please understand the bankruptcy of the blame game, which is being cheered on by talk radio and political shout shows, by provocateurs whose object is not public safety but managing perceptions and scoring points off the opposition. Don't let yourself be used. I know this is America where everything comes with a money back guarantee and the customer is never supposed to go away dissatisfied, but in the real world, things go wrong even with the best of intentions. We live in a fallen world, and Stuff Happens. When a catastrophic earthquake next strikes San Francisco or Los Angeles, will they have the resources to provide for half a million of its most helpless, disorderly, and improvident citizens? I doubt it.

No one who wasn't here and doesn't have an intimate knowledge of this city is in a position to hold any opinion about how matters were handled here. Talking heads get paid to talk like instant experts, and I don?t suppose there?s any way we can get them to shut up. But that doesn't mean the rest of us have to take them seriously.

Romulus makes similar comments over at BettNet.

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