Monday, January 16, 2006

Ridiculing Clichés In Danger of Becoming Clichéd!

An internet blooper allowed to be published a rough draft, editorial correspondence, and a final draft of an opinion piece in a South Dakotan newspaper. Here are the editor's suggestions:

It needs more of an opinion is just too much of a report on a meeting for an editorial page column.....

I think it will be easy to change it into an editorial page column....Just a paragraph or two would do it I think.....maybe one fairly high up that says although all the different religioins, viewpoints were presented, everyone got along and respected each others views...if that is true.....or something like that

and then a pargraph at the end that says something along the same lines.....while the world's religions may be sharply divided over issues ranging from gay clergy to whatever....for these few days scholars were able to ??????

Those are just a couple of ideas I'm throwing out in the hopes of better explaining myself.

Now I know there isn't much one can say in a few hundred words, but must one always say the exact same things? "Golly gee, look at this Diversity!" and "Conflict outside, but unity here!" have to be some of the most hackneyed themes in contemporary rhetoric. I wouldn't be surprised if these suggestions are straight out of some Journalism school textbook.

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