Thursday, January 12, 2006

Another Lazy Journalist Quotes Me.... Why?

The first time I found myself quoted in a major news source, I was pickled tink. Now I'm just annoyed to find via that the Chicago Sun Times cherrypicked one of my hastily-written comments from a Free Republic Thread on the Catholic-Evangelical controversy at Wheaton for a sidebar adjacent to the Sun Times' own article.

Though citation in the mainstream media was novel the first time, especially because the journalist mentioned my weblog by name, the practice helps make the papers look like they’re just recycling other people’s hastily-written content found by way of a lazy googling. If they're looking to the same people for commentary as I am, heck, if they're looking to me for commentary, I have even less reason to read the major newspapers to get a sense of things, though I do have more reasons to read to flatter my vanity.

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