Thursday, August 07, 2008

PickAFig: social bookmarking for Catholics aims to be the digg for Catholic matters.

Best of luck to them. These clones often run into trouble and go extinct. Perhaps this is because their focus is too narrow or because their target audience is already using their model and sees no need for a duplicate.

Further, those who make a niche-targeted version of a more popular site often lack that novelty, creativity and dedication which made their model succeed.

In less than a week of operation, PickAFig has picked up about 80 registered users. A good start, but not enough.


reetajenet said...

The internet can be a wilderness, with thousands of articles written daily. Social bookmarking sites have arisen to help Internet users, but the popular ones, such as Digg, leave faith based sites and postings out in the cold or worse, the subject of ridicule.

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RogerFranklin said...

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