Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A new blog about the New Catholic Politics

Mark Stricherz has set up a new blog, New Catholic Politics, where we are sure to find insighful commentary on the progress (and plights) of Catholic Democrats in particular and American life in general.

He describes the purpose of his site thusly:
This site seeks to uphold the three cardinal virtues: faith, hope, and love. It believes that those virtues are under attack from three sources: secularism, elitism, and relativism. We Americans have too little faith and are too materialistic and individualistic. We ought to be more faith-filled, family-oriented, and civic minded.

Would that these diagnoses and ideals were more obvious to everyone!

While he says that his political content will as much as possible be rooted in the principles of the natural law, I hope he retains the political realism which marked his analysis of Why the Democrats are Blue.

It's worth highlighting some of Stricherz's remarks on the prospective Sen. Bob Casey, Jr. speech at the Democratic National Convention.

Sticherz notes that even though many commenters are hastily presuming Sen. Casey will address pro-life concerns, the content of his speech is not confirmed. He suggests the Casey lecture is a "trial balloon" to test pro-choice activists' reaction.

Further, Stricherz makes a necessary sally against the wishful thinking of pro-life Democrats:
“I think that pro-lifers in the Democratic Party are na├»ve,” he said. “They don’t seem to realize the power of the abortion industry and the feminists in the party. At least publicly, pro-life Democrats’ rhetoric says ‘the party can change if it just does a few things’.”

“No,” Stricherz countered, “the party has to negotiate with the feminists and the abortion industry, and those folks have no interest in negotiating. They’ve got what they want.”

Stark but true.

Note that Stricherz will be speaking at the Archdiocese of Denver on September 23.

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Franklin said...

"Mark Stricherz has set up a new blog, New Catholic Politics, where we are sure to find insighful commentary"

If so, the insightfulness won't come from Mark Stricherz, if his commentary on David Nickol's commentary on Vox Nova is any indication.

To say that Obama was, and is, indifferent to infanticide is in the same league as saying that abortionist who kill the babies as a matter of course in an hysterotomy abortion are indifferent to infanticide.

All abortions intend a dead baby. If for no other reason than to prevent the possibility of a law suit from accidental live birth where the abortionist is financially liable to the raising of the child whom the mother intended killed.