Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I, DNC credentialed reporter...

This week will certainly be a rush, as I was approved for DNC press credentials as part of Catholic News Agency at very late notice. So late that we have had very little preparation time, so leads are welcome either in the comments or at my new e-mail at (PR.joneskevinj) over at, let's distract the spammers, gmail.com.

I have already suffered through the LGBT Caucus, where Tim Gill conveniently provided to all hearers a synopsis of his $150 million dollar-tossing strategy to eradicate lawmakers and laws which disapprove of his sexual behavior.

Certain pro-life Democrat events are also on my schedule. Perhaps I'll even run into Jill Stanek.

And, reader, have you heard about the 5,000-strong Latino pro-family rally? Me neither.

Limping around LoDo during convention time is sure to be memorable, despite the incessant boosterism of the political convention.

There is a treatise to be written on the transient brevity similar to protesters' signs and e-mail spam. This hypothetical document could cite Alisdair MacIntyre's remarks on protest and emotivism. What do these people praising peace, anarchy, or Fox News hope to accomplish besides appearing in a digital photo to be forgotten with haste?

Further, someone must explain to the Washington Post that few people in Denver actually have an "inferiority complex" in comparison to other cities. Most of us, if we even bother, just affect inferiority to flatter people from back east, who after all are our guests.

(I include my picture in case any of my internet acquaintances happen to be in town.)


love the girls said...

I'll be in Denver, but down in North Cherry Creek and staying as far away from the madness as I can.

My 17 year old daughter, on the other hand, will be at a pro-life rally today at 1:30 at 17th and Lawrence. Nice visible location, ey?

ben said...

You lost the beard! I thought it looked nice.

I work at 17th and Broadway, so I walked over to the Civic Center at lunchtime to look things over.

My thought is that there are too many people expecting things to get violent at somepoint and it will become a self-fufilling prophecy.

Did you attend the pro-life vigil last night? I was planning on it, but the kids did not cooperate.

Kevin Jones said...

I did not make it to Monday's pro-life vigil, but my youngest sister did.

I suspect that if more severe violence does arise between police and protesters, it will be in the final days of the convention. However, they seem much fewer in numbers and in bellicosity than the worst forecasts predicted.

Self-induced panic is surely something to avoid. However, I think the sheer omnipresence of police near the convention will keep officers from panicking in the face of significant action.

lovethegirls, was your daughter connected with the pro-life protesters arrested at Speer and Market? My friend Kevin Knight says he was there videotaping it, and the arrest will be appearing on YouTube.

love the girls said...

Mr. Jones writes : "lovethegirls, was your daughter connected with the pro-life protesters arrested at Speer and Market? My friend Kevin Knight says he was there videotaping it, and the arrest will be appearing on YouTube."

Yes. She wasn't arrested though. But she did get videotaped by someone because she was crying during the arrest.

We were supposed to meet with Fr. Weslin this evening because I want my daughter to get involved with the Lambs of Christ. But I guess that's on hold till Father gets out of jail.

love the girls said...


She wants to do a pro-life event everyday during the convention but doesn't know of any more, do you?

Lucy said...


I`m Lucy could you please post the link for the You Tube when you have a chance.

Thank you so much,

ben said...


I'd suggest your daughter email Divid Nix, he is currently studying for the diocesan priesthood here. He is very involed with a large number of pro-life activities, and I would guess he would know if there is anything else going on today or tomorrow.

his email is nixdave[at]gmail

She can go ahead and use my name as a means of introduction if it is helpful, I know Dave pretty well.

Kevin Jones said...

The Youtube Video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f0Uw8cs6ASo

It reportedly begins 2 mins in, haven't had time to watch it yet.

I know David Nix, he did his summer internship at my home parish in Arvada.

Anybody know of a good way to share audio files on-line? I'm thinking of posting my recording of the DemsForLife town hall meeting.

I know one could break it up into across several videos and post it on youtube, but I don't have time to learn how to do that.