Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Psychologists Liable for Quack Advice to Bishops?

Susan Brinkman gives the details in her book, The Kinsey Corruption (Ascension Press). Certain Catholic Church administrators hired sexuality educators who taught Kinseyan values. This employment pattern held as well for some selected psychologists who screened aspiring seminarians, many of whom were rejected because they were said to be too sexually “orthodox,” not “tolerant” of homosexuality. Bishops sent pedophile priests for treatment to therapists who accepted pedophilia as an “orientation.”


The Johns Hopkins clinic and St. Luke Institute [in Maryland] are two Kinseyan therapeutic venues. Fr. Rossetti took over St. Luke Institute after its founder, Michael Peterson, a priest and practicing homosexual, died of AIDS. Some of their infamous pederast patients included Fr. Rudy Kos of Dallas and Fr. John Geoghan of Boston .

...medical malpractice is one approach that immediately comes to mind. These “sexperts” held themselves out as authorities; bishops and vocations directors listened and commonly followed their directives. Yet, almost all of these "sexperts" built their therapies on the fraudulent research of Kinsey and his disciples.
-Judith Reisman, Sue the "sexperts"

Of course, the bishops bear the most proximate responsibility for the treatment and punishment, or rather lack thereof, for predatory priests. They abandoned centuries of Christian ethics and psychology for the insane fads of the moment. Yet the pseudoscientific cranks deserve some exposure too.

The psychological malpractice alleged here is also reminiscent of reports that psychotherapists destroyed the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

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