Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The Pro-life Movement and Criminalization

National Review On-Line has put together a symposium reacting to Anna Quindlen's insistence that anti-abortion logic demands that women procuring abortions should be prosecuted.

Clarke D. Forsythe remarks:
In fact, the irony is that in nearly all of the reported court cases explicitly addressing the issue of whether a woman was an accomplice to her abortion, it was the abortionist (not the prosecutor) who pushed the courts to treat the woman as an accomplice, for the obvious purpose of undermining the state’s criminal case against the abortionist (including the abortionist Ruth Barnett when Oregon last prosecuted her in 1968).

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love the girls said...

Quindlen is correct. Her intent for demanding a rational response from pro-lifers is not doubt vicious, but nevertheless she is correct even while she is vicious.

The pro-life movement destroyed itself by compromising the lives of some babies for the expediency, i.e. the exceptions for abortion. Now they are backing off once again because of expediency.