Saturday, January 06, 2007

Habermas and Ratzinger on Secularism

Historical Christian has written an essay on Jurgen Habermas and his analysis of contemporary secularism. One line suggests how secularism is turning moribund:
Habermas has come to believe that modern Liberalism is "intrinsically self-contradictory" because it represses and devalues the free speech of religious citizens, and demands of them "an effort to learn and adapt that secular citizens are spared having to make."

The casual contempt secularists have conceived for religion hinders them from fully engaging other streams of thought. The religious impulse cannot be assimilated to and elevated by hard secularist habits, only suppressed.

More catholic secularists often try to re-envision religions as primitive science or psychological therapies, usually without successful engagement with the objects of their reclassification.

The Christian Church, by contrast, has long professed that the religious expressions found across cultures and history is not an organ without an object, but preparations for evangelization, real and metaphorical altars to an unknown god.

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Aimee Milburn said...

Thanks for the mention, Kevin!

Also, about your ear thing in your earlier post: great story. A few months ago I was having sloshing sounds in my ear, which I went to the doctor for, but he found nothing and the sloshes eventually died away.

But if they come back again, next time I'll go to an ear specialist. Lesson learned. Thanks!