Thursday, January 11, 2007

Another Retreatant at Clear Creek Monastery

The writer at The Donegal Express relates how he almost killed a monk:
Everyone's happy now for maybe five minutes. Jimmy and the monk are splitting and I’m measuring the wood they split. That ended when I tripped over a rock.

I start stumbling backwards and fling my arms out to catch my balance. That’s when the board I was holding flew out of my arms and starts spinning through space. It’s slicing across the work area, like a sidearmed an axe, right at the monk.

All I could think was, "Aww snap! They ain’t never gonna let me be an Oblate now!"

Right before the board plunged into the back of his neck, the monk bent down to pick up something. It missed the top of his head by maybe an inch. He looks at the board which is now embedded into a nearby tree, turns around and says, "Well, that could have been much worse."

The monastery was noted here before. It isn't too far from me. I must consider a trip there.

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