Sunday, December 17, 2006

A Regrettable Anniversary

On a personal note, today marks the close of my third year with as-yet-undiagnosed malady. Chronic nausea and stomach trouble, combined with a fatigued and clouded mind have made for lots of blogging time and penitential sacrifice, but little economic productivity.

I have within the week begun to suspect that it is my inner ears which are the source of the problem, rather than my otherwise dependable GI tract. If I am right, it would mean I have beaten my doctors at deciphering this very expensive and very tiresome puzzle.

It would also mean that I have been suffering from chronic seasickness on dry land.

At the moment my future is still unclear, and I ask for your kind prayers.

I'm getting hits on this page for "chronic nausea." Sufferers, please see How I was healed. It was a eustachian tube blockage, get your ears checked!


Nate Wildermuth said...

you've got them!

Anonymous said...

Same here!

Kevin Jones said...

Any web searchers coming here, please look at the next post:

It was a eustachian tube blockage! If you chronic nausea sufferers haven't had your ears checked, please consider it.