Wednesday, December 06, 2006

"Fusionism" as Dysfunctional Marriage

Mr. Lindsey offers many excellent reasons not only for why libertarians should switch "sides" to join with their historic benefactors on the left but also why conservatives would have to be something very close to mad to keep wanting to appease and satisfy people who are fundamentally hostile to most of the things they actually wish to conserve. If fusionism were a marriage and you are playing the part of the traditionalist, the libertarian would be rather like the spouse who burns down the house, commits adultery and occasionally tries to run you down with the car, all the while continually threatening to leave you. "You’ll never find anyone else like me!" the spouse screams at you, which is fortunately true. To this the traditional traditionalist response has been, "Oh, no, please don’t go! We can work it out!"
-Daniel Larison

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