Saturday, December 09, 2006

Local Blog: Denver Christian Docs

The Denver Christian Medical and Dental Association blog is run by an acquaintance of mine. A medical pathologist and Evangelical Christian, he attends the same First Things Readers' Group I do. He also has a regular hour on a local radio station.

Though he's a bit too captivated by the conservative punditry for my tastes, he is a sharp fellow capable of bringing his expertise to bear in some of the discussions at ROFTERS.

For instance, his own background in pathology has highlighted for him a great problem about human-animal chimeras created for research. He believes this cavalier blending of genetic material is a serious potential source for viral mutations. As even "test tube babies" are now found to have contaminated(but not yet malign) DNA from unsterile lab environments, biotech researchers might be cultivating new diseases as they try to cure old ones.

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