Wednesday, October 18, 2006

State Secession from Other US States

Reactionary Radical Bill Kauffmann has lauded internal secessionist movements of the present day Union.

This idea has taken hold in regions such as West Kansas, 1992:
"They laughed at me," recalls Concannon three years later. "Then the people started carrying petitions," which in two weeks contained 800 signatures. The commissioners permitted a vote. And that spring the people of Stevens County voted 1,469?73 to divorce
from Kansas.

Upstate New York and New York City:
Assemblyman Donald Davidsen, a veterinarian from rural Steuben County, is the prime sponsor of the current effort to divide New York into two (or, as some Long Island legislators have proposed, three) states. "Ever since I was a little kid," says Davidsen, "when Upstaters get together you hear 'we oughtta just cut that off and let it float away'." When Davidsen introduced a bill to do just that it was dismissed by Governor Cuomo as "divisive"--which of course it is,-- the assemblyman concedes with a chuckle.

North and South, and sometimes Central California:
But in the course of leading his people out of California this Moses discovered that "there are not 10 commandments but 12. The eleventh is that San Francisco and Los Angeles don't really want to be in the same state. The twelfth is that rural California doesn't want to be in a state with either of them."

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