Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Jesuit Education At Work

The horror, the horror....

With enthusiasm, Dr. Raymond Reyes, the associate vice-president for Diversity at Gonzaga University, encouraged Regis faculty during the Fall Faculty Conference to get out of their chairs and "sing the world into being!" Faculty and staff attendees then moved their hips, clapped their hands, and smiled in good cheer as they addressed serious issues of diversity and social justice.


Furthering his discussion of diversity, Reyes also spoke of "the spirit of the hive." Connecting the idea of diversity to the Jesuit Mission, Reyes believed that in working together as bees do, we as a university community can "R.S.V.P God."
Regis University Student Newspaper

And all this time I thought the "hive mind" was a universal pejorative.

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