Sunday, October 15, 2006

CU-Boulder Gets ISI Thumbs-Up; Jonah Goldberg Embarrasses, Again?

An Intercollegiate Studies Institute-commissioned study has placed my alma mater, the University of Colorado at Boulder, in fifth place in terms of civic knowledge gains. Its results are questionable, since they rather lazily compare the entering Freshman class with the exiting Senior class, but I shall brag nonetheless. The Ivy League schools did not do so well, but Colorado State University placed second. Perhaps I shouldn't badmouth my state's universities.

Erin O'Connor has decent coverage of the study, but her comments are worth a glance. NRO's Jonah Goldberg showed up to pontificate. His gems of wisdom:

"Colleges have no responsibility to teach American history to all graduates. Given the increasing number of non-American students attracted to our universities, it's patently ridiculous."

Mr. Goldberg then goes on to prate with self-satisfaction against a classical education:
"Classics are fine for "cultural literacy," but why have students slog through disproven science, faulty logic, magical Platonism, primitive religious superstitutions, and Augustus' imperial apologists? Better to read analytic philosophy in English than Plato in Greek."

Color me speechless.


Lee in the comments sheds doubt over whether this really is the Jonah Goldberg from NRO. Oops.

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