Thursday, June 22, 2006

A Thin Shadow Cast on Rep. Bailey's "Human Face on Abortion" Speech

Below I noted Rep. Bailey's story of the brouhaha he caused by bringing an abortion survivor to the Colorado legislature on the day it was considering a resolution honoring the anniversary of Planned Parenthood, a resolution which, sad to say, passed the Senate 24-11.

I was wondering why it took so long for Harvey to put his story out, which was promulgated via Focus on the Family's mailing list.

It seems that there is a primary challenger to Rep. Harvey who has impressive pro-life credentials., as is its habit, reprints a campaign press release:

The campaign of former Senate District 30 Chairman and current Senate District 30 candidate Mark Baisley today asked Rep. Ted Harvey to pull false information linked to the Harvey web site that illegally states that "establishment multi-millionaires" upset with Harvey's pro-life stance are funding the Baisley campaign.

"Ted obviously doesn't keep up with the news or talk to many pro-life activists," Baisley deadpanned. Baisley is being supported by an impressive array of pro-life leaders and has worked on putting together a pro-life summit to build an effective partnership for his terms in the Colorado Senate.

"Mark is the consistent social and economic conservative. He has practiced his beliefs all his life," said Senator John Evans of Parker, a Roman Catholic, pro-life legislator. Harvey was endorsed by NARAL when Evans defeated him in Harvey?s previous Senate race.


"Ted is so desperate to revive his failing political career that his campaign strategy revolves around inventing an evil cabal that wants him out because he's pro-life. We want him out because he's not an effective advocate of the causes he says he cares about. And the comments on his web site just prove it," said Baisley.

I make no claims for the accuracy of candidate Baisley's statements. But they do suggest that Rep. Harvey knew he needed to emphasize his pro-life credentials to the national movement to attract out-of-state funding, the local pro-lifers apparently being split between the two candidates. Harvey is a Baptist, while Baisley is a Catholic. Since being a self-described Catholic has been the best predictor of pro-abortion rights support in the Colorado legislature, I would like to see more pro-life Catholics in that body. But even more I'd like to see the best man win.

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