Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Against Neo-Jesuits

I am up to my ears in 16th century Jesuitdom because I am researching a project. Therefore I know that the Society of St. Ignatius and the Society of Pedro Arrupe have little to do with each other. And most Jesuits on the planet today are disciples of Pedro Arrupe, not disciples of Inigo de Loyola. And most of them realize it, in that they will acknowledge the morphing of the Society, but they think that St. Ignatius is smiling on the change. Thus the rationalization, "He was a man of his time." Which makes me want to wheeze fabada out of my nostrils at them.

I am convinced that he would tell them that he was a man of his time before the cannonball, and that afterwards, he was a man of God's time, as they should be. I am convinced because *I* could not have come up with something that eloquent, so it must have come from him whispering in my ear.
Some Have Hats

The comments to the post are similar in tone. "Supress the Jesuits!" and the like. We've all seen it before and my eyes roll like a busted slot machine. But THEN some Jesuit guy (one of the solid, orthodox, good ones, too) responds. And it's the SAME rote response. That is to say: "Problem? What problem?" and he goes to (rightly) make mention of all that is good, holy, decent and admirable about the current state of the Company to bolster the notion that all is both hunky and dory in Jesuitville. But it isn't. This isn't a spreadsheet where Fr. X's lunacies are canceled out by Fr. Y's holiness. On this blog and Karen's group blog, I make an effort to exalt the positive aspects of the Jesuits such as I see them. But that doesn't mean there aren't problems, and gravely serious problems at that, in the Society of Jesus.

This drives me UP THE [insert bad word]ING WALL. Yes, there are good, solid, orthodox Jesuits. Maybe even TONS of them. But they are being done a grave disservice by the attitude that, because there are solid/orthodox Jesuits, everything is just peachy-fine. Boston College is not Barely Catholic, Fr. Drinan is an exemplary servant of Christ, that whole "gays in the seminary" thing doesn't really mean anything nudge-nudge-wink-wink, legalized abortion is "lamentable" but military action in Lower Elbonia is an abomination, and Jesus certainly would have favored a confiscatory tax rate and socialized medicine.

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