Monday, June 26, 2006

More Denver Election Commission Incompetence?

I mentioned the missing Denver voter registration information below. A few follow-ups are warranted.

I am not the only one worried about vote fraud, and certainly not the only one in my family. My cousin Dennis is pressing the issue:

City Auditor Dennis Gallagher prodded Mayor John Hickenlooper on Tuesday to better monitor the Denver Election Commission, alleging that more voter data are missing and the upcoming elections are in jeopardy.
Denver Post

The article discusses lots of political in-fighting which I am glad to have no part of. I don't envy my cousin.

Also, Denver blogger Heartbroken Tiger has spent the past month compiling all the dirty details on the hundreds of thousands of voters whose information has gone AWOL, and apparent attempts to cover up the failures at the Denver Election Commission. Not being a resident of Denver, this isn't my fight. Nonetheless, it makes me worry how vulnerable to fraud the voting system is.

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