Thursday, October 06, 2005

Another Miniver Cheevy on the 'Net?

I'm pretty tired of rants against relativism, but this guy is rather endearing:

...There was so much I could say, but she would never hear it, so I saved my breath. And then it hit me--the ultimate fashion would be a t-shirt with "Truth's Beauty" written on it. And there was that girl back in NC. It would look good on her. And we would never sell the shirt, but only ever encourage people to make their own. It would be an open-source fashion project!!

Dante reserved a special place for buzz marketers in hell--they never stood up for the right nor the wrong, good nor bad, but only ever ran with the latest fad. And so it is that Dante had them running after a blank banner in a cirlce, while hornets bit them and worms sucked their blood, as when they were living, they stung others by blogging little cutesy-ttotsey falsehoods, all to suck their cash away, into the beltway.

But just as one cannot deconstruct the Great Books, but only oneself, reality cannot be hacked, but only one's private perception of it. For the truth shall prevail, and thus the buzzters and pomo-elite reality hackers slowly hack their very own souls with each lie they tell, hype, and promote, with each dollar they lust after, with each falsehood they broadcast, until they no longer no right from wrong, good from bad--until they no longer know Truth's Beauty.

I think I came across him before, when he was canvassing for volunteers to put together a Dante's Inferno video game. Quixotic, aesthetically wacky, but sincere.

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