Sunday, April 10, 2005

The Soviet Ozymandias

Via, a gallery of architect's proposals for Soviet buildings. I particularly like the Palace of Soviets proposal. Dedicated "to the imminent triumph of Communism," the proposal features a titanic building topped by a colossus of Lenin. "The chosen location was the site of the demolished Church of Christ the Saviour."

Speaking of commie atheism, Relapsed Catholic links to a an article on Soviet propaganda which discusses the forgotten Father Edmund Walsh, S.J., who brought so much of Sovietism to public attention.

The author, Mark Gauvreau Judge, notes that museums tend to be allergic to these kinds of exhibits. Really, a simple internet site would be more effective, reaching more people for less money. Some website would hold a photoshop contest based on the works, and the tasteless would sell them as posters, coffee mugs, mousepads, and so forth, since commie kitsch is hip in the eyes of some. I think Judge might not be pleased with all the consequences of studying Soviet propaganda; I remember one World War II poster depicting Uncle Joe Stalin and Uncle Sam in a handshake, captioned: "Democratic Brothers in Arms." It was the confrontation with Nazism that made many Americans soft on communism.

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