Saturday, April 30, 2005

A Law School Journal Really Desperate for Filler

In retrospect, it is not surprising to discover a strong connection between Gilligan's Island and the law. After all, one would be hard pressed to find a group of characters more in need of a lawyer. The Howells' vast wealth, far-flung enterprises, and numerous charitable interests probably kept busy a small army of corporate, international, probate and tax lawyers. As a movie star, Ginger undoubtedly had her contracts negotiated by a sharp-eyed entertainment attorney. The Professor's numerous inventions must have led him more than once to the offices of a knowledgeable patent lawyer. As a professional mariner, the Skipper surely knew at least one able admiralty attorney.118 Gilligan's bungling probably caused him to be the target of numerous tort lawsuits and the steady client of a good defense firm. Indeed, only Mary Ann, as the girl next door, appears to have had no special need for a lawyer - a trait shared by many Americans.

"LEGAL TALES FROM GILLIGAN'S ISLAND," Robert M. Jarvis, Santa Clara Law Review

Indisputable Proof of the merit of Posner's criticisms of law journals.

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