Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Priorities, Priorities

George Weigel, who will lecture in Boulder on tomorrow, Thursday, night, devotes his latest column to considering the problems facing the Jesuit order and its new superior Father Adolfo Nicolas.

In order, Weigel complains about Jesuit disobedience, citing a Boston College priest who advocates homosexual marriage. Fidelity of Jesuit colleges is another problem Weigel mentions. The largely homosexual decadence of certain California Jesuits also receives a drubbing.

Then, finally, Weigel laments "the tendency among some Jesuit theologians to minimize the unique salvific role of Christ."

Shouldn't the Christological concerns have come first?

The corruption in the Society of Jesus deserves plenty of critics, especially good critics.

But it is part of that very corruption to place theological errors at the periphery, to prefer debates about morality over truthful proclamations of Christ.


Tausign said...
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Anonymous said...

Weigel, a very bright and educated Catholic, does seem to view things through a reverse-prioritization lens.