Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Colorado Political Ad Exposes Too Much

In a time when producing Hallmark platitudes can qualify one for the presidency, it is fitting that Jared Polis, a millionaire who sold off an internet greeting card company at the height of the tech boom, is running for the Second Congressional District.

One of his advertisements is not something you want to see first thing in the morning.

In the ad, people walk around the city in hospital gowns, their backsides exposed but cloaked with a modest pixelation.

The actors are only partially covered. And the ad is about health coverage. Get it?

One man, fully nude and photographed from the front, rides an escalator into view as he chats on a cell phone.

I never knew nudist colonies had escalators.

This ad is noteworthy for all the wrong reasons.

Casual public nudity, especially in urban environments, is not reassuring for people. Our first impulse on seeing someone so partially clothed is to presume inebriation or mental illness.

As the ad is running in the winter months, viewers aren't even habituated to exposed flesh.

The surreal discomfort the ad produces overshadows Polis' call for mandatory nudity.

Er, universal health care, I mean.

But this "edgy" advertisement has an upside.

Every time I see it, I can say, "Look, Jared 'Naked Cheeks' Polis is at it again!"

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Anonymous said...

An odd ad, yes. But why is nudity disturbing? We're all naked under our clothes, you know. And as for quoting Leviticus, which doesn't seem to show up in the blog post & it's unclear as to what you mean, if you are talking about following Old Testament rules about diet, beating your children if they get out of line, etc., make sure if you are hard-line on following SOME of those rules that you are hard-line on ALL of the rules. Better read that book closely. It doesn't much apply to modern life.