Monday, April 10, 2006

Bill Ritter Surrenders to the Pro-Aborts

I figured it was too good to be true. I had just plugged a putatively pro-life Democratic gubernatorial candidate here in Colorado, former Denver DA Bill Ritter, and then I learn he's just like the rest of them. Addressing a Boulder Dem women's group, the abortion question came up. Ritter sez:

"I don't think we have a conversation in this day about abortion that involves criminalizing it where doctors or women are concerned.

"Because it makes it a crime, we oppose it. I'd veto this bill."
Rocky Mountain News

Well, Mr. Ritter, maybe it's your duty to start this conversation in the Democratic party? Especially since your earlier remarks gave the impression you would support criminalizing abortion.

Ritter's also jumped on the "emergency contraception" bandwagon, endorsing a proposed law to make it available without a prescription. So now there's even less of a reason for already lusty teenagers to keep their pants on, and one less argument for any girl who resists her boyfriend. The drug's significant abortifacient effects compound the problem, and any pharmacists with moral reservations will face even more hurdles in their profession.

I'm especially disappointed because I once saw Bill Ritter speak at Theology on Tap on Catholic faith in public life. At that time, he said were he faced with prosecuting an obviously unjust law, the only ethical way out would be to resign. This gave him an air of conscientiousness in my mind. I have since heard rumors that as District Attorney he made an executive decision not to investigate credible reports of statutory rapists escorting their underage victims into the local abortuary, despite mandatory sex abuse reporting laws. Seeing his ethical flexibility here, I'm more inclined to believe such rumors.

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