Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Unitarian University's Students Intimidate First Amendment Case Lawyers

I've long suspected Unitarianism to be the American state religion: both the therapeutic pocket deity for ethical living mentality and the radical religious individualism, and the indifferentism of our nation's political life seem to have their roots in Unitarian circles.

So this story from the Boston Globe makes me want to underline the currents at work:

When word spread at Harvard Law School last month that one of the most successful recruiters of its graduates, Ropes & Gray, was helping Catholic Charities explore ways to prevent same-sex couples from adopting children, gay and lesbian students wanted to stop the law firm it its tracks.


A Lambda representative wound up meeting with Ropes's managing partner and others at the firm and expressing the students' unhappiness.

Two weeks ago, Ropes said it would no longer do legal work to assist the bishops in their efforts to stop gay adoptions, and last week Catholic Charities said it would end its adoption program because it could not reconcile church doctrine, which holds that gay adoptions are ''gravely immoral," with state antidiscrimination laws.
Harvard Law group hits Ropes & Gray

Tolerance is a velvet glove on an iron fist.

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