Sunday, March 12, 2006

Pierce Bush: Catholic Church has Talibanesque, Stone-Age Mentality

Dubya's nineteen year-old nephew, Pierce Bush, has weighed in on the Dubai ports deal but that's not what has attracted my interest. AP reports:

It was Pierce Bush's second letter to the Chronicle. His other letter, published in April, focused on reforms he thinks Pope Benedict XVI should consider for the Roman Catholic Church.

FreeRepublic has the actual letter, reproduced below:

Here are two reforms

With the election of Pope Benedict XVI, Christians around the world will most likely not be able to look forward to needed reforms within the Catholic Church. There are two major areas of reform that are needed to accommodate our progressive world society.

The first change regards the treatment of women. In a religion that preaches equality among all people, the Catholic Church is locked into a stone-age mentality by not allowing women to be ordained as priests. Frankly, it is rather Talibanesque.

The other area of needed reform deals with allowing priests to marry. A lot of people naively think that celibacy is a tradition that has existed forever. In reality, priests once were allowed to marry, and this was changed during the Middle Ages.

I wish Pope Benedict XVI the best, as I am sure that he will be a wise leader, and I hope he will strive for equality. I also hope these simple reforms I suggest will be made in my lifetime.

Pierce Bush, Houston

Imagine, an authority on both Catholic theology and international relations by the age of nineteen! Surely this boy has a bright future.

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