Tuesday, May 10, 2005

The Long March through the Institutions

Michael Brendan Dougherty discusses a dinner discussion with an Italian:
“Since we are talking about communism, is it still very popular in Italy? Have you heard of Antonio Gramsci?” I asked. I related how I had been reading about Antonio Gramsci by way of right-wing radical theorist Sam Francis, who studied his theories of political strategy and sought to adapt them for a conservative counter-revolution.

“Yes I know Gramsci. He is the most famous Italian communist’” So far, so good. Then without really a trace of irony he related that the building in Italy, out of which he normally works for this giant American accounting firm, was formerly the offices of the Italian communist party. There is still a giant statue of Gramsci in the lobby. “I walk by it everyday.”

I was astounded by this vision.


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